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Devotional from Jana...

It was so foggy out this morning! Even the poor little ducks were not venturing out to far in the lake! Fog is kinda like clouds that have lost their place!

The cloud once up in the heavens, decends to the earth forming a very dense "wall"...this was what I saw..(or didn't see today).
Now as the day comes to life, the sun will burn the fog away and we will begin to see clearly once again.

This morning reminded me of how our mortal enemy, Satan, began his dark reign. He too fell from heaven and deeply desires to form a dark dense "cloud" over our eyes, so the things that we see are distorted. He wants us to walk in the "fog" as we go through our daily lives. he doesn't want us to see clearly those things which lie ahead of us. Lies and falehoods live within his "fog"...but good news....

When we allow the light of God to penetrate our lives, something wonderful begins to happen...the fog begins to lift, and our eyes begin to see the truth...God's truth!
We need to pray that God removes any "fog" from our lives, so we can walk in the path of His righteousness and light!